Who we are?

Lighthouse began 5 years ago with a vision of Tim Newman, a Down’s Syndrome man who felt that God was calling him to reach out to his generation with the love of Jesus. He sought the help of Myles Pilling to facilitate and mentor him.
The purpose of the Lighthouse is to provide opportunities for discipleship of people with learning disabilities. Also to worship and pray for each other.
A key feature of Lighthouse is its prayer ministry,  Showing love to each other and helping each other overcome the challenges that daily life has. We support each other.

Hi there! How is your passion?

Passion is the theme for this year!  Do you have a passion for the bible, prayer, witnessing, worshipping? Well we have been exploring these themes and seeing how to apply passion to them.
On serving we taught simple truth of :-
“See the need”
“Meet the need”
Teaching just one idea and making it practical and not lengthy or theoretical.  This is what Lighthouse seeks to do. To make truths accessible and practical.